It is estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of its revenues each year to fraud.  It is important for Organizations to continually educate themselves on the threats both in and outside of the Organization to establish and maintain an honest and ethical work place to help reduce the risk of becoming the next victim.


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"We consider Baum, Smith & Clemens, LLP as our tax accountant, advisor and auditor; they have been a key element in our past successes.  We continue to value their advice and recommendations in meeting future challenges."

Donald R. Shepherd
AR Worldwide

Our Approach

Fraud is a growing, world-wide concern and occurs on a daily basis. Baum, Smith & Clemens’ fraud team and certified fraud examiners understand the wide range of pressures and incentives that motivate financial behavior in today’s society. We use forensic accounting and investigative fraud techniques to detect financial irregularities and protect your organization from financial threats. All engagements and cases are unique, so individually planned procedures are designed to fit the situation at hand.

If you are investigating allegations of fraud or considering proactively addressing fraud risk, our forensic team is here to help.

  • Internal Control Review and Evaluation
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection Training
  • Forensic/Fraud Investigation
  • Litigation Support